Monday, July 30, 2012

Family and Friends Detroit Lake Campout 2012

We just got home after another great week away at Detroit Lake. This event is eagerly anticipated each year. This year we probably had around eighty participants from one year olds to over eighty year olds. The weather was fantastic, everyone stayed safe and good times were had by all.
Each year Ty and Jenene put together some kind of special event for the kids. This year they invited Captain Jack Sparrow

and his lovely and talented wench

to officiate a treasure hunt which taxed its participants to their limits.
In this image all of the participants are receiving their instructions from Captain Jack.

Here are a few of the challenges experienced by the contestants.

Did I mention food? This year we split the meals up and and had a great variety and no one had to do so much that they got worn out. We ate Mexican, Italian, and perhaps even American.

Now there are some smiles. I think that those are representative of the feelings that we all shared this week!


  1. Wow that's quite a crew. I still to visit you sometime during that week in the future...even if it's an abbreviated visit. Looks like fun!


  2. Hey I was There too!!!!!!!! :)