Sunday, April 4, 2010

Has It Really Been That Long?

Man I can't believe that it has been a month since my last post. No I haven't been hiding. I guess that there hasn't been any outstanding events going on in my life. Sometimes life is like that. One gets up and goes off to work and then comes home mostly spent with just enough energy to spend a couple of conscious hours with the family before heading off to bed or what is even worse, waking up in the wee hours of the morning and discovering that you've spent the evening asleep in your chair. I hate it when that happens and wish that I could say it never happens to me.

Let's talk about today! We like to call it Resurection Sunday though it is more commonly referred to as Easter. This was an unusual Easter. We went to the church as we are accustomed to doing but instead of expressing our worship like we might normally do, we served breakfast to any one who happened to walk through the doors. I'd have to say that it was not unpleasant. It might even be described as fun. Anyway, after that we spent the balance of the day preparing and setting up our feature space for the Monticello Spring and Garden show which starts on Friday.

Even with all of the planning and time budgeting, we still spent the balance of the day loading up the pickup and delivering furniture and ornimental concrete to the show. Needless to say, we are all pretty spent this evening. We wanted to get the heavy stuff over so that tomorrow we can concentrate on the smaller inventory as well as the final display and fluff.

Yeah, I know. The booth looks like a mess but somehow Debbie will employ her magical talents and by Thursday evening, the space will look organized and inviting. Just you wait and see!

Let me change the subject. For those of you who don't know me that well I can assure you that I am not and really never have been much of an athlete. On top of that I come from a family that had very little interest in what is generally considered organized team sports. It is interesting to me that with my background, I have two movies to recommend that might be considered sports movies. You might be interested to note that each is based upon actual events. Most recently, we finally watched "The Blind Side".

It is a movie about a wealthy Memphis white family that took a homeless black kid from the projects into their home and how it change each of their lives for the better. The story is heartwarming and inspirational. The language is acceptable for most viewers I would think and the adult situations are pretty tame and not a huge distraction. The second movie is called "The Greatest Game Ever Played".

This show is a story based up the life of Francis Ouimet. He was an amateur in the 1913 US Open golf tournament. You don't have to enjoy golf to appreciate the story. It is also about crossing boundaries between the societal classes and about the relationship between a boy and his working class father. Again the show is nearly void of strong and objectionable language and I don't recall any adult situations of which to be wary. I enjoyed these stories not for the sports surrounding the plot but instead for the relationships developed amongst the charactors.

Whoa! I have to get to bed. I took tomorrow off from my "Day Job" but I'll be assisting Debbie at Monticello and trust me, that will be a taxing day requiring a full nights rest. Hey! I'll try to not let as many days go by before my next post as there was this time. Thanks for stopping by!