Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Chronicles Continue

Here it is the next day and in the words of Gus McCrae of Lonesome Dove, "I'm all stove up".

When I first woke up in the hospital I was feeling pretty good. In fact I think I even impressed the staff. I just kept drinking all of the water that they brought till the urge hit me. As soon as I was able to purge my bladder, they were ready to let me leave the hospital. Jonathan made a call to the In-Laws and when they arrived, we were down the road. As it turned out, Debbie wasn't nauseated from nerves, it was actually the flu. She still was pretty sick when I got home. However, as I mentioned earlier, I was feeling pretty good so I sent her to bed and I went to work putting leftovers in the microwave because I hadn't eaten more than a few crackers for nearly twenty hours. Fortunately, we had some chicken, some veggies, and a can of soup and I threw it all together. That might sound pretty crummy but yesterday it tasted great!

This morning I woke up and discovered that the honeymoon was over and I needed some of the high end narcotics I received just to get in and out of my chair.

I've been appreciating the fact that there is a lot of content that can be streamed directly to my computer from Netflix. The only reason to leave my chair is to go the water closet. Debbie is feeling significantly better and is making up for the fact that she was unable to assist yesterday. She's quite a girl you know.

I do want to mention a great big thank you to all of our friends who were lifting us up in prayer yesterday. You need to know that we truly appreciated it. I'll keep you posted as things progess around here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Chronicles of Hernia

After much waiting, the final hours approach. I will be arriving at the hospital tomorrow at 9:00am to be placed in the surgery holding pattern. The tentative schedule would have me on the table at noon and out for observation in an hour or so. This is apparently one of most commonly performed surgeries in the world and has a very low risk factor. I am completly cool with the whole thing.

If you'd care to stand with us before the Creator, we'd appreciate it. You might especially pray for Debbie as she is nervous to the point of nausea. What a girl!

Anyway, I'm told that I'll be relatively useless tomorrow evening and will probably just be sleeping it off. Maybe the following day or so I'll have enough cognative ability to give a general account of how everything went. Thanks for your support and I'll try to keep in touch. Afterall, for the next three or four weeks I'll have very little else to do.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Branched Out On My Own!

Well, I suppose that is a bit of an exageration. Actually, I got a chance to fill up a case at the mall with "guy stuff". It is fun, and I have a chance to clean up my bed room a bit. Here are some of the kinds of things one might see in my case.

Fishing Reels

Old Lures

Game Calls

Shoot Man! I even have old gopher traps and a vintage revolver cleaning kit. You know guy stuff!

I wonder why Debbie wanted it all out of my bedroom?