Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are You Telling Me Those Hands Are Mine?

Today I'm in a restaurant and my dining companion asks to borrow my phone for a picture. Well, she took the picture that I expected but when I downloaded the pics, I discovered this one that I didn't know had been taken. I have to say, these hands are starting to look a little aged. Yikes! I have a rather physical day job and my hobby income job also takes a toll on my body but this image is still just a little shocking.

Here's another image that was downloaded from my phone today.

Oh my goodness! I'm finding that I can barely see anything without cheaters anymore. Oh well! Clearly, I really am getting older and though the evidence was there, I couldn't see it without additional lenses.

Ok. I can age gracefully. Today is the first day of a vacation for me. I mean I don't have to show up at my day job for at least a week. I think I will try to find a peaceful spot on a river somewhere and enjoy the fact that though I am showing some wear, I still have the ability to enjoy the finest blessings life has to offer.