Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Happened To July?

Man! I can't believe how sometimes time just gets away. I just noticed that it had been nearly a month since my last post and that I haven't had a single post in the month of July. Remarkably, this has been one of the more "happening months" this year. I actually had a week off from work. We had a significant family member get married another had a baby. I spent a week at one of my favorite places on earth. I needed to do a post.

The first day of my vacation was kind of tough. We needed to get down to Medford for the wedding on the following day but Jon had a job and wasn't able to leave till 8:30pm Needless to say, we didn't get out of Portland till late and finally arrived in Medford at 2:30am on the day of the wedding. We checked into our room and crashed for a few hours. We woke mid-morning and headed to Jacksonville which is near where the wedding was going to take place. We were able to grab a bagel and some coffee and and estate sale as our normal Saturday would allow. From there it was a quick drive to the location of the wedding reception where we had a lot of work to do.

We spent another quick night at the motel and then it was back to Portland to pack for our annual campout at Detroit Lake. I'll just let you in on a little secret. I never got my camera out of its little pouch this year. Thankfully, My sister and her family joined us this year and her husband Marvy took a ton of pics which I was able to pirate. Whew! That was a relief! Here is a quick preview of this years events.

In addition to my sister and her family, we were pleased to have Kurt who is my brother's kid down here from Alaska. In the normally chaotic life we live, we are always blessed when family members unexpectedly show up to experience life along side us. Thanks Kurt for being present this year. You enhanced our lives for a few days and we hope that we made an impact on you. Well, this post has been a whirlwind but I think I made it before the month of August showed up. At least there will be a record in future years of the events of July 2011.